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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 31, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> she's definitely not helping. it is not her job to tell parents about their kids' weight problems. she's just hurting kids. thanks to everyone who responded. >> have a great halloween. "fox & friends" starts right now. good morning. it's thursday, october 31. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. kathleen sebelius showing her frustration during a heated debate on capitol hill. >> it's great that you're a team player and you're taking responsibility. it is the president's ultimate responsibility; correct? >> you clearly -- whatever. >> how did she do? we're going to take a closer look at that. >> clearly. whatever. mean meanwhile, they were allowed to tap google and yahoo legally but tufrpbs tufrpbs -- it turns out the n.s.a. did it behind their backs. a brand-new bombshell on the growing n.s.a. scandal.
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>> just six months after the boston bombing, the red sox show boston is indeed strong. >> at fenway park, it hasn't happened for 95 years. the red sox world champion. >> that was joe buck and that was the red sox. their third championship this century is off to a good start. a surprising start. live reaction this horning. i believe the car was once on its wheels. "fox & friends" starts now. >> this is curt schilling. you're watching "fox & friends." >> one of the neighbor kids is fiddling with the light switch. >> happy halloween everybody. >> that's right.
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today we're going to dress up. by the end of the day we're going to be dressed up as something or somebody. we'll all be part of a theme. who do you think it is? give a guess. you can e-mail us at or go to twitter or facebook us. you can also send us pictures, if you like to dress up or your kids. >> it's been hallow-week, not just halloween. >> if kids have a bunch of parties, they want a different costume for each party. >> darth vader had a knee injury so i was repairing the knee pads. >> darth vader had knee pads? >> this costume did. >> if you have a better idea for a costume than the one we have planned for the 8:00 hour, would we switch? >> send us your thoughts and what we should be. >> i'm into the ghost thing. cut out the eyes; looks good to me. >> people would think you might be the holy ghost and then you'll get shut down by the aclu.
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on capitol hill yesterday with kathleen sebelius, head of health and human services, there she is promising, swearing to god she is going to tell the truth. note to kathleen sebelius. the next time you go to capitol hill to testify about your website, make sure the website is actually working, because at one point during the program yesterday as she sat in the hot seat for three hours, somebody on their ipad brought it out and said hey, look, it's not working right now. that's the screen she got. if you missed the three hours, here's a little summary of it and then we're going to chat about what she said. >> here we are now five weeks into enrollment. the news seems to get worse by the day. >> sir, i was informed that we were ready to launch on october 1. i told the president that we were ready to go. clearly i was wrong. >> you're saying that the president is not responsible for h.h.s.? >> sir, i didn't say that. >> it is the president's
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ultimate responsibility; correct? >> clearly -- whatever. we were anxious to get the website up and running and functional, which we clearly have failed to do to date, although i would suggest the website has never crashed. >> the program has crashed and burned at least three times, and users are still having problems. >> i would remind you some people like to drive a ford, not a ferrari and some people like to drink out of a red solo cup, not a crystal stem. you're taking away their choice. >> there is a line where dorothy turns to toto and says toto we're not in kansas anymore. >> madam swear while you're from -- madam secretary, while you're from kansas, you're not in kansas anymore. >> i'm not sure what she was referring to when she said don't do this to me.
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>> talking to her aide. >> that is what the american people are saying, don't do this to me. it was a freudian slip. >> yesterday it was the ying and the yang. i have an interesting take. i listened to it on the fox news radio app. i did not see the body language. in listening to it, it sounded fair. when i watched it, i could see how some people might feel bad for the former governor, now health and human services secretary because it looked as if she came off as somebody not that defensive, who didn't have a lot of answers. and when the questions kept coming, after awhile you feel kind of bad for her. >> you think that has to do with the ratio male to female? that is a tricky thing to overcome in terms of perception. >> i don't think anybody should feel better about
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the program and i don't think you should feel she's had her hands in every element of the program. there are people that write this stuff and can answer any question whether you like it or not. i don't think the president can answer every detail and i don't think she can answer. >> they were trying to pin her down, who exactly is responsible for this debacle, and at one point she said michelle snider, who works over at the centers for medicare and medicaid services. and then the congress person said she's responsible for the debacle? and she said, no. hold me accountable. i'm responsible for the debacle. then when they pressed her to try to say that barack obama was in charge of the department, she wound up saying, whatever. but the president is in a pickle right now. forget about the fact that you've got the problem with the website. now -- and he earned four pinocchios from "the washington post" yesterday because of something he said hundreds perhaps thousands of times where if you like your health care, you can keep it. and he went up to boston
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yesterday to defend it and said, hey, look, they had problems here in massachusetts, but mitt romney's plan which turned out great and eventually it turned around. >> he took it to the mic to let the american people know the government -- not the american people -- the government knows what's best for them. and what's best for them is obamacare. take a listen. >> if you had one of these substandard plans before the affordable care act became law, and you really like that plan, you are able to keep it. that's what i said when i was running for office. that was part of the promise we made. but ever since the law was passed if insurers decided to downgrade or cancel these substandard plans, what we said under the law is you've got to replace them with quality comprehensive coverage because that too was a central premise of the affordable care act act from the very beginning. >> essentially saying if you like your plan and they
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changed the plan to something you shouldn't like, i will change it for you. first off on the qualifying statement, 60% of all of these exchanges only have one option across the country. so you can't shop, you only have one product to choose from number one. number two, they did the slightest change to the health care which you hads, you are able to be kicked off, no longer to be grandfathered. the president did a wonderful two-step. instead of saying if you like your plan you can keep your plan. if you like your plan, you'll be able to keep it unless we deem it not good enough for you. >> the question remains unanswered because he's saying you have to then go and shop. that's a mandate right there. we're all asking, wait a minute, this is the government that we have to give our health over to, the same one that has a backlog of veterans, the same one that is $17 trillion in debt, the same one that can't run their own website? we have to? now that language is you've got to. you've got to do this.
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>> between two and 20 million people have been kicked off their plan. if you're one of those people and you heard the president speaking in massachusetts yesterday, do you feel better about it? that is what his goal is, to make us feel better about being kicked off your individual plan. >> the president has been emphatic for years, if you like it, you can keep it. president. perhaps he won the presidency the second time around at least on the promise that if you like your plan, you can keep it. well, that simply is not true. and now what they're doing is they're spinning like crazy to try to change it. but there are millions of americans who have lost the plan that they like. maybe they're going to get something that is better. maybe it's going to be more expensive. but nonetheless, it is a broken promise. and a lot of people are steamed about that. and if you look at the brand-new "wall street journal" poll, the president's poll rating right now is the lowest it has been in his administration, in the presidency of barack obama. he now stands at a 42% job approval rating.
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one interesting other side note to this is that a majority of americans now say that they belong to neither party. >> that is interesting. >> things in the country, they are a changing. >> perhaps because that broken promise is an expensive one personally for so many americans right now. instead of this blurry national debt, it is their own pocketbooks it is being pulled from. that may be why they don't feel the love. >> heather nauert is going to talk about something different. >> good morning. hope you're off to a great day. there is a bombshell new report based on documents leaked by edward snowden and it accuses the n.s.a. of secretly tapping into google and yahoo's internet servers. the original prism scandal that involved complicated court orders allowing the n.s.a. to subpoena records from those companies, but this latest program code named muscular could have been painting the same record behind google's and
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yahoo's back. the n.s.a. has denied the claim that 180 million records have been compromised. there is a monster storm and it's putting halloween on hold for many kids across the country. look at that right there. heavy rain, high wind and flash flooding already hitting parts of texas at this hour. this is new video coming in from houston. possible tornadoes and hail forcing trick or treaters to cancel their plans this evening. several cities in indiana, kentucky and ohio put off the quest for candy until tomorrow. hang in there, kids. out of washington, iraqi prime minister mall can malliki is set to arrive at the white house today for a meeting with president obama about the increase in violence in iraq. the prime minister met with vice president joe biden to discuss the current threat. the meetings are an attempt to stop iran from smuggles
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arms and supplies into syria. the hero afghan translator targeted by afghanistan for saving an american soldier's life arrived on american soil. he charged into enemy fire to help a sergeant rescue a wounded soldier. for two years the case has been tied up in red tape. he arrived at reagan national airport and one of the soldiers whose life he saved was there to greet him. he'll be there in the united states, now with his wife and two kids. >> if he wants to hop on the amtrak and go up to celebrate, why not do it with the red sox fans. champagne flowing for the red sox last night. they are the 2013 world champions. >> it hasn't happened at fenway park for 95 years, the red sox world champion. >> they win their third world series of the century, their first since
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2004. the team was at one point dead last and mixed in turmoil. >> it was the best ever. >> it was awesome awesome! >> i've been going to fenway park since i was this big, and to see this at home just unbelievable. i can't explain it. >> wicked awesome. hundreds of fans gathered for an incredible moment at the finish line of the boston marathon after an emotional year. [chanting] >> they are saying boston strong. a lot of emotion and a lot of celebration. i think americans rallied around the red sox. the cardinals had a great year too. >> what a game. confirmed the state department is silencing survivors of the benghazi terror attack. details on the brand-new documents that prove it. ahead.
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this morning once again we're talking about obamacare. because it's halloween let's call it obamacare scare. stuart varney joins us. stuart, you received e-mail from many viewers and the stories they are telling about how obamacare -- make that obama scare, is troubling. >> we put out on our varney facebook page tell us your experience. have you had your insurance canceled? what are you getting in its place? we got a lot of angry responses. stephanie says before this
3:18 am
cancellation i was paying $404 a month and my visit to the doctor maybe once a year. next year goes up to nearly $800 a month -- doubled -- and she's still only going to use the doctor maybe once a year. that's stephanie. move on to rhonda. her husband, small business owner, after being rolled over to a new plan, the deductible went from $1,500 to $2,500. the aggregate, 50%, that means her out-of-pocket spences went to -- is expenses went to $6,350. they are satisfied with the old plan but have to be moved out. no choice. >> we heard from the president yesterday despite the fact for four years he said if you like your plan you can keep it, and those people are proof you can't, the president said the problem is some people -- some, and they make it sound like it is a tiny little fraction of the country -- some people had cut-rate companies from bad-apple companies like
3:19 am
blue cross-blue shield. >> that is flatout outrageous. this is right from the game plan as usual. yo wrong, so you pick an enemy and you demonize somebody else. you blame somebody else. in this case it's the insurance companies. that is outrageous. these policies are being canceled and dropped because the government says you can no longer offer those policies. it is illegal to offer those policies. >> i saw a story on-line yesterday that apparently the white house is squeezing insurance companies, saying don't you come out and don't you tell bad stories about obamacare or we're going to crack down on you. >> the government has enormous power and is in a position to do precisely that, but it's not telling the truth. this obamacare is cancellation of millions of policies, far worse for the economy than any government shutdown. >> i'm sure you're going to be following this and reading more letters over on "stuart varney and company" 9:20, three hours from now. >> i'm fired up about this.
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syria destroying chemical weapons equipment. the country meeting the goal a day ahead of schedule agreed upon and negotiated by the u.s. and russia. food stamps benefits shrinking for the 47 million americans enrolled in the program. got a big automatic cut and it's set for tomorrow. a temporary boost from the stimulus programs passed in 2009. this will trim about $5 billion from the federal food stamp spending over the coming year. now i'm going to go over here and watch elisabeth talk. >> don't be scared. horror movies, haunted houses, most of us like a good scare on halloween, but can we literally be scared to death. the author of "false alarm: the truth about the epidemic of fear" and member of our medical a team dr. marc siegel is here. the book is fascinating. can you really be scared to death or is that an expression? >> you can be scared to death. you get something called the fighter flight response. you get really afraid of
3:25 am
danger, and what happens is your heart rate goes up, your blood pressure goes up, you get an outpouring of stress hormones that literally can stop your heart from beating. >> some people say when they get scared it is like a charge. are there positive effects that can go along with? you know, healthy scare? >> hitch cock said we get attracted to something fearful but he used to say you can turn the projector off after "the birds." in real life we think it is going to happen to us. we overpersonallize the risk and get into a cycle of worry, you don't sleep. your heart rate goes up and that's very bad for your health. >> you're talking about the literally results and effects of being scared. temporary blindness, does that really happen? >> what happens is when you have that fighter flight,
3:26 am
response, your body reserves blood flew -- flow to your brain, you literally can stop seeing temporarily. >> almost like a ghost. you slow down, hair turns white. literally your heart could stop? >> that's happened. by the way, your hair turns white because literally the hair cells die in the scalp and your gray hair comes out. what you've been trying to hide comes out. >> some people are almost addicted to getting a little scared. emotionally why do we love it? >> because of that same fear center in the brain. animals have it too. it's all powerful emotions go through the central part of the brain. we love that response and actually get used to t. >> can you increase your tolerance, fear factor level? >> that is a great point. then you need more to get the same response. you want that dopamine response. to get it you need to see
3:27 am
more. you need to see freddy krueger. is he there this morning >> everyone has their fear tolerance, and then it can go either way? can it become less over time? if you cross, you become scared, are you damaged for awhile? >> keep in mind some people have underlying medical problems who can't be in a position where they have this kind of fear. we're really dumb about this. we think that can't get us. they've tested animals and put up a piece of plexiglas and put their prey, they take a mouse, put a piece of plexiglas and put a lion on the other side. the mouse thinks the lion is going to get them even with the plexiglas there. that's how we are. if i show you on the news this morning somebody in a terrible car crash, you watch it and you think i'm going to be in a terrible car crash. statistics are not what we respond to on television. >> interesting. dr. marc siegel, your book
3:28 am
"false alarm: the truth about the epidemic of fear." certainly something to grab. thank you for being with us. >> have a great halloween but don't get too scared. >> a bus driver going beyond the call of duty to save a woman's life. what he did has people calling him a hero. sponge bob left without a job? have hail damage to both their cars. ted ted is trying to get a hold of his insurance agent. maxwell is not. he's on setting up an appointment with an adjuster. ted is now on hold with his insurance company. maxwell is not and just confirmed
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♪ >> why is your laundry hanging out here? >> that's not my laundry. it's a ghost. ♪ halloween ♪ halloween skeletons ♪ ♪ and zombies ♪ all boogieing down >> thanks to our friends at jibjab, all five of us in the latest creation which is so appropro. >> that is funny. we we know a lot of you are getting your family ready for tonight and you have
3:33 am
already dressed them up and snapped the pictures. otherwise if you have a great costume from last year, send them to us as well. >> animals, pets, kids, we love them all. >> when's halloween over? >> midnight. then it's all saints' day. >> i call it hallo-week. >> a moment ago we saw her going like this in that video. >> that is how i dance. it really is. >> what is your problem with halloween? like a bah humbug. >> i remember in second grade hoping it would be over. >> you never dressed up? >> i used to be forced to dress up until like maybe third grade. >> what happened in fourth grade? >> i'm going to look into it. is dr. keith ablow around. >> i loved you as franken stein. very cute. good look for you. >> i've got news to bring you now.
3:34 am
the justice and state departments are blocking access to witnesses of the benghazi terror attack. in a letter to republican senator lindsey graham, they say because of a year-old f.b.i. investigation and a future criminal prosecution, there are, quote, significant risks and serious concerns about having the survivors submit to congressional interviews. according to graham, that doesn't pass the smell test. >> you can't hide behind a criminal investigation. is that's not a good reason to deny the congress witness statements 48 hours after the attack. >> democrats believe making the witnesses available to congress would create inconsistencies and complicate a trial. the u.s. export-import bank is meeting today to talk about providing more than $1 billion in taxpayer-funded loans for the purchase of six boeing aircraft. the buyer? it would be beomon
3:35 am
bangladeshi airlines. that is an airline with a pretty bad record. this is not the first time loans were given like that. loans of that size were expanded by the bank last year all going to foreign airlines and each time boeing was the beneficiary. >> a bus driver hailed a hero. he stopped a woman from jumping off a bridge in buffalo, new york. what's amazing about this is you can see people walking right past her not doing a single thing to try to save her. but barton stopped his bus. listen. >> ma'am, are you okay? >> when she didn't respond, barton walked off that bus and talked her off the ledge hreuts -- literally. >> i wanted to convey we're going to help you through whatever it is. i'm a football guy. you sit on the bench and the coach calls your number, you go make a play and do what the play calls for. i think that's what i did. >> boy, did he ever get a call.
3:36 am
when he got back on the bus, the passengers gave him a round of applause. his co-workers, they call him big country, but now he'll be known for his big heart. what a story. what a man right there. final story. even beloved sponge bob square pants isn't safe from corporate downsizing. >> here's your pink slip. i'm giving you the ax. you're fired! >> after 14 years of flipping krabbie patties, sponge bob is bounced from his job in an upcoming episode on nick hoed i don't -- nickelodeon. the episode sponge bob you're fired airs november 11. i don't like the show. i don't want them watching
3:37 am
it. >> is sponge bob being canceled or he's just being fired? >> he's being fired. >> what's wrong with speed racer? what's wrong with underdog? >> what about maria?she's a sup. >> let's take a look at the weather conditions across the country. we'll start out in texas because we've been dealing with a lot of heavy rain. we're talking about locally up to 8 inches have fallen. flash flooding a big concern. we have a number of warnings in effect and halloween likely will be postponed for several communities out here. several watches in effect anywhere from texas all the way up into parts of missouri. the areas of rain going to stretch out across parts of the south. we also are dealing with areas of heavy rain across eastern portions of the great lakes. looking at widespread activity associated with a strong cold front that
3:38 am
continues to move eastward. this afternoon and evening we're looking at the potential for severe weather in the form of damaging winds next to 60 miles an hour, large hail and isolated tornadoes. please have a way to get those warnings anywhere from parts of florida to parts -- parts of louisiana to parts of ohio. temperature-wise east of the storm, 70's and 80's widespread. behind the storm chilly temperatures. let's head over to you, steve. >> maria, thank you very much. tonight is one night when everybody can dress up in costumes and pretend to be somebody else. >> our next guest met two ladies who do just that all year long. >> let's step back into the fox light with michael tammero. where did you go? >> back stage of "wicked." it is halloween. for a special treat i got to go behind the scenes of the musical which is
3:39 am
celebrating its tenth anniversary and two of the stars rolled out the red carpet for me. let's take a look. ♪ ♪ >> we're sitting here at the edge of your stage, the edge of oz. you're currently doing the soundtrack and running through the motions before the show. just looking out here at this amazing theater, it's daunting yet has to be somewhat thrilling. >> it's pretty unbelievable that every night it's packed full of people who can't wait for it to start. ♪ ♪ >> it's an amazing idea. and then throw in costumes and our awesome set and the music, the whole package, it is a great musical. >> you play glinda? >> yes. ♪ >> it's the untold story. >> the untold story of the witches of oz, the friendship these two girls
3:40 am
have, the forgiveness and what comes at the end of it. ♪ ♪ >> all right, ladies. take me to oz. let's do it! ♪ >> this is pretty cool when the lights are on the screen. >> here we have the fallen house. this is the house that lands on the wicked witch. >> yellow brick road! ♪ the yellow brick road >> do you walk on it? >> no, we don't walk on it. >> this is my bubble. >> i make my amazing entrance and i come down and say "it's good to see me, isn't it?" ♪ ♪ >> my personal favorite. >> your broom! >> that's the broom that actually flies. >> you guys need an extra? i could get into this. small part. >> i think we can work that out. >> we'll have to hook you
3:41 am
up with the wardrobe department. >> this is happening. >> it's happening all right. >> you have to be a witch hunter. that means you're hunting me and wanting me -- >> witch hunter. >> i'm officially ready for oz. ♪ ♪ >> oh boy. you can check me out on the web at in the fox or follow me on twitter. >> it is appropriate you go behind the scenes of "wicked" because it is based on the wizard of oz talked a lot about on capitol hill yesterday. >> and it is halloween. >> michael, thank you very much. >> coming up straight ahead, celebrations all night long in boston. someone should tell them it's morning.
3:42 am
the red sox are world champions. we go to the center of the excitement next. >> somebody's got a wicked hangover. a bombshell new report claiming the n.s.a. tapped into google and yahoo and even bugged the pope. has the n.s.a. gone too far? the judge says yes. and he's going to join us live next on halloween. ♪ ♪
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3:46 am
brett? >> reporter: good morning. there is an incredible vibe in the air this morning, also from last night as well. for the first time in 95 years the red sox win the world series in front of their home crowd here at fenway park. not only are the fans happy, but parents too on this halloween night. they're not going to have to make the decision as to whether or not to go trick or treating or sit home and watch game seven because the red sox take out the cardinals in six on a revamped roster going from worst last year to first this year and doing it in this beloved park, in fenway, which was the fenway after the marathon bombing where all the law enforcement was brought into the park prior to the game. they put a huge american flag up on the green monster and gave thanks to all the law enforcement that protect our city here. last night it got a little rowdy, as you can expect. boston has got about a quarter million of college students in session right now. but police here saying only about nine arrests from last night. but it will be a big celebration for the rest of
3:47 am
today. elisabeth? >> brett, thanks. we love the boston strong update from you. >> i love the bar video. i didn't know they have a video service. fantastic. >> so happy the red sox won. >> the n.s.a. denying any wrongdoing in its extensive spying program. >> what we do not do is spy unlawfully on americans or spy indiscriminately on citizens of any country. we only spy for valid purposes as authorized by law with multiple layers of oversight to ensure we don't abuse our authority. >> this morning more global fallout as new revelation shows the n.s.a. did look at the pope francis and accused of hacking into
3:48 am
data centers. did the n.s.a. go too far? fox judicial analyst andrew napolitano is here to break that down. the n.s.a. says we did not hack into google and yahoo. >> this this has not been addressed which leads us to believe what snowden says is true. i think the n.s.a. is utterly out of control and i think the president needs to rein them in. the story that they spied on the cardinals and papal conclave that elected pope francis will be the last straw for most americans. there is no legitimate national security or intelligence value to doing that. it's a highly secretive place. think of it this way. the american cardinals are expressly protected by the first amendment because of the church rules of privacy and secrecy, which the
3:49 am
american government cannot interfere with. >> why are you assuming the president doesn't know about this? why do you think it's an agency that's on its own? >> if the president knows about it and permits it, he has a great deal of explaining to do not only to american catholics but to the pope himself who is the head of a foreign country as well as the head of the roman catholic church and to americans at large about why the n.s.a. is spying so indiscriminately. if the president doesn't know about it, then he's got a rogue organization working in the executive branch that he can't control. i don't know which is worse, that he knows about it and permits it and is not telling us or that he doesn't know about it and they're out of control. >> there is a magazine that says the president did know about it in 2010 when it comes to angela merkel. >> when the president talks to angela merkel his own spies are spying on him. that is how asinine this has become.
3:50 am
go yankees. >> coming up straight ahead, the nanny state cracking down on smokers. why it will now be harder for you to get your hands on them. so you're going to have to live longer.
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
halloween. what better way to get into the spirit than with a little ghost hunting. maria molina did just that. >> boo! >> yeah. that's right. i did some paranormal investigating with a team of real life ghost hunters. take a look. meet the members of the paranormal society. i was invitessed to join the team on an investigation of a dr. daniel kissham house in long island. >> it was built in 1795. avenues doctor, a physician.
3:54 am
so the house acted as his private residence with his family and also housed his medical practice. people sometimes claim to have heard things or seen things, but we haven't been able to verify any of that. the reason we chose the team is because they are largely skeptics. >> there are many skeptics that do not believe in paranormal activity. but you yourself were one of them. >> still don't accept a lot of evidence at face value. i look to see if there is a logical explanation. >> the team has been here before and hasn't found some actual evidence of paranormal activity here. >> yes. rose and i were in the parlor room and all of a sudden it got cold. we had caught a huge, shadowy mass, dark, dark, climbing up the wall. >> it seems like there are children associated with this room of the it seemed like a boy and girl. that could be them right there. that's exactly what i'm talking about. >> i'm starting to get creeped out. we vent even turned the lights off. >> okay. so we have cameras that are
3:55 am
going to be recording. >> yes. this records continuously. it's a dvr system. >> we'll see what we find tonight. >> time to turn out the lights. right now we have a base reading of 1. if that starts to light up any brighter or in a different color range that, will tell you if there is something free flowing. >> a little flashlight that's on the chair. that, you might be able to turn that flashlight on. you want to try and communicate with us, you want to show us you're here, see if you can do that. >> i'm going to count to three, please light up this little device right here on the floor. one, two, three. thank you. >> thank you for what? >> shut it off now.
3:56 am
>> i felt a chill. >> would you get kick out of scaring people? really? that's nice. so off good sense of humor? okay. so i think we did really well tonight. i think we got some evidence and i think it's a wrap. >> okay. so there is ghosts in the house? you believe that stuff? >> i don't know, because when i was there, i really did feel that maybe something was going on. that flashlight really turned on on its own. i thought i saw it moving around. but then my friends told me they probably had some kind of remote control set-up. >> maybe. >> appropriate for the day. >> spooky, though. >> straight ahead on this halloween morning, the white house now admitting if you like your health care plan, you might not be able to keep it.
3:57 am
but senator ron johnson has a plan to fix that. the senator joins us top of the hour too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection.
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4:00 am
good morning. today is thursday, october 31. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. they created it. just don't ask them to enroll in it. kathleen sebelius under new fire for refusing to join obamacare, the program she's being paid to pitch. >> wow. from last to first to the best? the red sox prove they are boston strong. >> for 95 years, the red sox, the world champions. >> we're live at the celebrations in boston because -- because. >> because that car flipped over. >> i don't need to keep going on. why do i feel like i have to keep going on?
4:01 am
>> why do you have to? because it's halloween. remember, remember this classic scene from "a christmas story." >> there is no going back now. >> this is nuts. >> turns out he's going to be stuck there longer than we thought. "fox & friends" hour two for this thursday starts right now. >> hi, everybody. this is kristen chenowith, you're watching "fox & friends." stick around. >> she was in "wicked" for a while. >> so sweet. >> wicked crowd. >> first the treat and then the trick, which is obamacare. >> how happy are you? >> i'm so happy. i love this. i love the team, happy for them and i think everyone is. they had a rough emotional year since the marathon. i think the nation is celebrating with them. >> what an embarrassing close to last season where they were hanging out in the locker room, eating during games. they had to fire their manager.
4:02 am
they rebuilt their entire franchise and win a celebration. >> hence the celebration today. but nor not kathleen sebelius. she got the grilling yesterday over the health care law. does she even know what it is? check out this exchange between representative billy long and sebelius where he's insisting, look, you can get obama administration obama administration. why aren't you signed up? she said no, i can't. i promise. >> if it's possible for you to forego your government program you have now, will you tell the american public that yes, i will go into the exchanges next year like everyone else? >> sir, the way the law is written -- >> it's a yes or no. let's say you're wrong on that. if you're wrong, will you? yes or no. >> i don't want to give misinformation to the american public. >> i want you to research -- if you're wrong, will you go into the exchanges? if you can, will you?
4:03 am
that's a yes or no. if you can, will you? >> i will take a look at it. i don't have any idea -- >> that's not an answer. that's not a yes or no. >> what's disturbing about that is she does not even understand the law that she is in charge of enforcing and pitching because under the law, she can go ahead and join obamacare. she would have to stop getting the $10,000 federal subsidy that she gets. in fact, yesterday she was also queeried by a congressman from colorado. he wanted to feel exactly what his constituents were. he opted out of the capitol hill program. he's been on the private exchanges -- on private insurance himself and, in fact, has gotten that letter that said he's canceled. so just the fact that she said, you know, i don't think i can do it, she can do it. the big question is, now, will she do it? >> i have no use for that teach exchange. that's not helping to find out what went wrong. it's not helping anybody find
4:04 am
out how the program could run better or helping us find out if we should toss it out. that's somebody look for a headline. i don't see any reason to pin her to the mat on that. >> they had four minutes to use. >> trying to pin down a 60 something-year-old woman who gets medicare to take obamacare? >> mike rogers effectively used his four minutes -- >> he was great. >> -- to show there are security problems and obamacare went live without being tested from end to end. i think what he was doing, brian -- keep in mind, there were a number of people in congress who tried desperately to get rid of the government exemption where they all get subsidies up there. i get why he asked that. she did not have a good answer and she looks kind of foolish that she wouldn't even know her own program. >> i thought originals nailed it because everybody cares about security. you get hacked right now, your life goes to its knees. that's why we got our lifelock
4:05 am
on everything you log on to. next thing you know, your credit cards are through the roof, people hack into your background. we have a guy in russia that can hack into the most sensitive things we have in our country. and we're going in with the most vital information, our social security numbers, and she had no good answer when it came to social security. she could not answer the question when he said, have you even looked at this end to end? and they're using patch work and piecemeal to keep this system -- >> because they're writing new code every night. >> it was a fierce exchange. it really was and it scared a lot of people on the eve of halloween. >> that helps us, doesn't it? that helps us, by getting kathleen sebelius on a program or not getting on a program, i think it's pretty clear. what else was important is when they bring up the stories like people every day trying to get on this who actually want it, they have this one story about this guy whose family dates back to the mayflower trying to get obamacare. they say you're not a legal citizen.
4:06 am
he faxed over his license and his birth certificate. we're still not giving you the obamacare. that's the real world she should be answering to. >> that's why people are asking, why aren't you in this with us? if you're selling a type of car with us and saying you're all going to pay for it in general and someone asks you, what kind of car do you drive and it's not type a, you sort of wonder, what the heck is going on? >> i don't have to drive that car. and the president himself yesterday was up in boston, which is massachusetts, famously under the guidance of mitt romney, they came up with their own health care plan yesterday and the president was up there to say look, in massachusetts, they had a plan and they had bugs in the beginning but it all worked well. although mitt romney said mr. president, if you would have followed massachusetts' plan, you would not have had an embarrassing roll out as you had so far. while she was there talking about her web site, if you went
4:07 am
on to the web site, it was down. she said it never crashes. it was down. that's the message they got. what's interesting is our federal government can secretly tap into google and to yahoo essentially without a trace. but we can not run a stinking web site to sell insurance. but we can get by the guys at google. >> it's a mystery. >> it is a mystery. >> so the president was in massachusetts yesterday and kept referring back to mitt romney. mitt romney quickly went out and said in the "boston globe," i believe, listen, i said mass care was good for the people of massachusetts 'cause they wanted it and this is what they wanted. that's what they voted for and that's what he did. he said it was never good for the entire country. you can't have a massachusetts plan that's going to be blown up and brought to the entire country. that is why all these states are up in arms. >> on top of which the -- it wasn't spiked so extreme. >> was it 97 when they came out? >> i was still in college. >> you were still in college.
4:08 am
>> yeah. >> you could have stayed on your parents' plan. >> i could have. >> until last year. the real problem with obamacare we're talking about is also the redistribution of wealth. so yesterday the exchange was heated. listen to this. >> what this does is it actually forces you to have health insurance, which i think is a remarkably good thing. >> health insurance that includes all kinds of add-ons that interest groups lobbied for. i'm paying for birth control whether i want to or not. it's a transfer of money from me to you, from the poor to the rich. >> why should we be paying for james caravel's birth control treatment? >> and the rogaine is not working. >> yeah. so anyway, what has happened over the last 48 hours is the president has been revealed that for years, he's been telling essentially a lie. he said if you like your health care, you can keep it, period.
4:09 am
that is not the truth. jonah goldberg wrote, this is the biggest lie about domestic policy ever uttered by a u.s. president. >> his answer was, if you lose your health care plan, shop around. >> when you read the text, it's disturbing to sit there and read what he's saying, that you've got to go now get the system that we're mandating. it's a little scary to see that. you know what's not scary, heather nauert. >> good morning to you. >> should we talk about your red sox? >> why not? >> you're dressed in red. >> it's a theme show. >> you were up late watching that celebrating in your house. >> you're a good friend. >> a lot of folks celebrating this morning. the champagne there is flowing. take a look. >> it hasn't happened at fenway park for 95 years! the red sox are world champions. >> there you have it. the red sox winning their third world series since 2004 and
4:10 am
their first at home since 1918. that championship cast an incredible turn around for a team that finished last in its division last year. >> it was electric. >> it was awesome! >> it was the best ever! >> i've been going toughenway park since i was this big and to see this at home, just unbelievable. i can't explain it. >> awesome! >> another incredible moment last night came when hundreds of fans gathered at the finish line of the boston marathon. this says all champions again. but some celebrations turned violent. during a late night party, a car flipped over, some windowser smashed. police arresting nine people for unruly behavior. the department using twitter to tell folks to pack it up and go home. we've got an extreme weather alert to bring you. the forecast across the country is looking pretty scary this
4:11 am
halloween. check out this brand-new video just coming into "fox & friends." heavy rain and high winds forcing emergency crews to evacuate -- residents in austin, texas. indiana, kentucky, and ohio, had to put off their quest for candy until tomorrow. so much bad weather out there. then there is this, investigators shutting down a newly completed drug tunnel that they say is highly sophisticated. it runs under the border between san diego and tijuana. since 2008, more than 75 of these tunnels have been discovered along the u.s.-mexican border. two years ago, authorities found this tunnel, 600 yards in length. it linked san diego to tijuana. about 30-tons of marijuana were confiscated in that operation. 600 yards. imagine that. remember this iconic scene from the 1983 classic "a christmas story"? the character gets triple dog dared to stick his tongue to a frozen pole.
4:12 am
>> there is no going back now. >> this is nuts. >> ouch. okay. that moment will be forever frozen in time. that's because the town of hammond, indiana, unveiled a bronze statue of that famous scene. the film's writer grew up in that town. so the question is, how long until someone sticks their tongue to that one? lick at your own risk. >> especially during flu season. >> people might try during the summer, but they're not going to get stuck in the summer. >> thank you. >> thanks. consider it a promise broken. >> if you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your healthcare plan, period. >> yeah, right. >> well, our next guest, a republican, says he can fix it. senator ron johnson joins us next. >> then file this under worst date ever. one guy's plans ruined when this
4:13 am
shipping container came crashing down. how they made it out alive. ♪ [ coughs, sneezes ] i have a big meeting when we land, but i am so stuffed up, i can't rest. [ male announcer ] nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. they don't? alka seltzer plus night fights your worst cold symptoms, plus has a decongestant. [ inhales deeply ] oh. what a relief it is.
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4:16 am
what do you say to mark and lucy in my district who had a plan, they liked it. it was affordable. but it is being terminated and now they do not have health insurance. >> insurance companies cancel individual policies year in and year out. there are one-year contract with individuals. they are not lifetime plans, not an employer plan. >> let me move on.
4:17 am
>> wow. the white house now admits if you liked your plan, you might not be able to keep your plan. my next guest, a republican, has a plan to fix that for the democratic president. joining us right now, wisconsin senator ron johnson. senator, like many of the two to 20 million kicked off their plans already, they're wondering what happened. what do you plan on doing about it? >> well, we're going to do it -- within obamacare, there was a grandfather clause, but it was a phony grandfather clause. basically said yeah, you can keep your health care plan, as long as you totally change your healthcare plan. so it was totally false advertising. we're going to put in a true grandfather plan that if off health care plan today you and like it, you can keep that plan. brian, unfortunately, we can't save those plans for every american short of repealing the law. but we sure can make sure that president obama honors that promise to millions of americans. so i'm hoping my democratic colleagues will join us in at least passing this measure, the
4:18 am
if you like your health plan, you can keep it act. >> there was a sense in the house under chairman upton, i'm wondering besides senator manchin, would there be anybody else ameanable on the democratic side to go along with you? >> i know senator landrieu was talking about dropping her own bill to do just that, too. so we'll be in discussions. let's face it, i think democrats in the senate have a real opportunity to make sure that president obama honors that promise. i'm hoping they'll take that opportunity. we have to do it fast before all these plans just go away forever. >> that's what's happening. it's a fast-moving situation now that it's actually here. can you imagine if the web site was actually running? i want to bring you to some other story that broke last night. the insurance companies are being intimidated by the white house to keep their mouths shut and not complain, along with trade organizations. so the initial reports of the insurance companies were saying, i'm out, you're out. now they're being told to keep quiet. how do you feel about that?
4:19 am
you think there is some validity there? >> that's just a renewed effort -- the white house sent letters to insurance companies a couple years ago saying, you can not tell your policy holders that the reason their premiums are going up is because of obamacare. so this intimidation of insurance companies has been going on for years under this health care law. the other thing they're doing is trying to set the insurance companies up for a fall. this administration wants to blame insurance companies for the increased premiums when, in fact, it's all the mandates of obamacare causing health care to rise. >> why don't the insurance ceo's get some steel in their spine and speak up anyway? what are they afraid of? >> well, let's face it, they are regulated by government. that's part of the problem is the fear factor. there was a couple here in wisconsin, they called our office. they both had cancer. they're getting dropped from their coverage. can't get coverage on but brian, they don't want their names mentioned because they're afraid of irs intimidation and retribution. that's just a very sad fact.
4:20 am
americans are watching what this administration is doing. and they are afraid, whether you're the insurance companies or cancer victims that lost their insurance coverage. it's a sad comment tear on this president. >> you're somebody who made it big in the private sector and knows the struggle in and out of washington. thanks so much. we look forward to seeing where your measure goes. >> have a great morning. >> you, too. straight ahead, remember google's mystery barge floating in the san francisco bay? there is another update to that mystery. and are you driving to work today? new report on the top cars thieves can't keep their hands off of. ♪ my customers can shop around--
4:21 am
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4:24 am
time for news by the numbers. first, $5 billion. that's how much is getting cut from the food stamp program. tomorrow this is a piece of the 2009 stimulus act that boosted monthly benefits. it finally expires. next, 21. that's a new age a person must be to buy cigarettes in new york city. public health advocates say a higher minimum age delays young people from starting to smoke. sorry, junior high schoolers. finally, number 1. that's where camaros rank in the sports cars most likely to be stolen. 1509 camaros were stolen from january 2009 to december 2012. the new report comes from the national bureau insurance crime bureau. she stars on one of the disney channel's hottest shows, "austin and ali." >> and her endearing character earned her a devoted following. take a look.
4:25 am
>> what do we want to do on our last day in dc? >> i put together an itinerary of really fun things to do. >> the fact that you used a word itinerary already means it won't be fun. >> but it will be. i found a slew of exciting option! the irs headquarters, the national archives. and get this, john phillips sousa's first house. >> sat word. we are joined by ali herself. good morning to you. >> hey. good morning. >> your show, my daughter will lobby in our house to make sure your show is on. >> yea! >> she's so excited that you're actually here and you have a great message and we want to talk about that. but this is the third season? >> third season. >> yeah. just premiered. >> can you give us any sneak peeks on what to expect? >> obviously a lot of great music, a lot of comedic moments. >> you're funny. >> a lot of drama. but disney drama.
4:26 am
like my shoe broke. >> nobody loses a finger on a disney show. >> no. >> nothing drastic. >> we're having such a blast. we're in the middle of shooting the third season right now. it's gone so fast. >> i think a lot of young people can identify with your character because of the stage fright thing. >> yeah. that's what i think has been really cool about her because it's like she started out super insecure, super not confident and she's just blossomd into this really confident, like she can do anything kind of girl. >> you've shown a lot of people how to do that. >> you're a champion for that. i think being vulnerable and letting people see how she really did face that and moved through it, i think speaking for the eight and nine and ten-year-old girls -- >> it's funny. obviously i'm an actress and i play her. but i found myself -- i found ally is this real person. i found myself rooting for her. >> self talk. >> exactly. i was like she's an imaginary
4:27 am
character, laura. >> let's do more role modeling. tell us about the box you would like to have millions of american kids take out on halloween. >> yes. tonight on halloween, when go trick or treating, you can also trick or treat for unicef and with these awesome orange boxes collect funds for unicef which go to kids all around the world who don't have clean water, they don't have necessary nutrition, you know. they don't have necessary education supplies and all the funds collected here go to them. it's awesome. >> it's incredible. so many schools participate in this. the kids love seeing you on the web site. if you don't even have the box, you can print off a can wrap and put it on anything that you have at home. so if you don't have this, you're still in business. >> you're still in business. exactly. keep going trick or treating for >> congratulations. you're such a young person and already you've got ambassador on your resume.
4:28 am
or itinerary. >> you're an ambassador for halloween now. >> halloween is such a fun holiday. i can also have fun and do charity work all at the same time. hello! >> great cause. >> i'm really happy to be part of it. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you, guys, so much. >> we'll put all that info on our web site as well. >> very nice. all right. meanwhile, caught on camera, the heart stopping moment a drunk driver takes a wrong turn and he was told he would never walk again. but now he's breaking records and headed to the next olympics. american blade runner blake leaper will join brian after the break. ♪ i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley.
4:29 am
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with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business. od. helping the world keep promises. you know what's really trick or treat time at the white house. president obama tricks us thinking we'd be able to afford treatment. see it's trick or treatment. >> he also said, jay leno went on, what is it about selling health insurance that makes people liars? >> that's an interesting commentary. >> it is extraordinary when jay leno is harder on the president of the united states than nbc reporters at the white house.
4:33 am
>> you know what jay leno has, senioritis when you know the year is ending and the teachers can't hurt you and you're letting loose? he has that. he knows in february, then jimmy fallon has the keys. >> but he'll go someplace else. >> you think so? >> oh, yeah. >> he's speaking for everybody right there. now with fun headlines, i'm feeling it from you right now. >> go ahead. >> that's right. heather nauert. >> good morning to you. i think he should come here. >> that would be great. >> we'd love to have him. >> be good to see him in the lunchroom. >> exactly. good morning. got some news now. fox news can now confirm the justice and the state department -- listen to this -- are blocking access to the witnesses of the benghazi terrorist attack. in a letter to republican senator lindsey graham, they say that because of an f.b.i. investigation and a potential future criminal prosecution, there are, quote, significant risks and serious concerns about having the survivors submit to congressional interviews.
4:34 am
according to senator graham, that excuse just doesn't pass the smell test. >> can't hide behind a criminal investigation. that's not a good reason to deny the congress witness statements 48 hours after the attack. >> democrats are saying that they believe making the witnesses available to congress would create inconsistencies and complicate a potential trial. we'll keep watching that one. the coast guard is tight lipped about a secret google facility. there is a mysterious barge that we've been telling you about that's floating in the san francisco bay and it may be a water-based data center or perhaps an elaborate ploy for publicity for google. the coast guard visited it yesterday and at least one person had to sign a nondisclosure agreement. google is refusing to acknowledge any connection to the barge or three others like it. heart stopping video captures the moment a suspected drunk driver crashes into a cop
4:35 am
car. oh, boy. this happened during a high-speed chase in milwaukee, wisconsin. the driver slamming into the barrier and went flying into the cop car. both the officers and the suspect were hurt, but they're expected to be okay. thank goodness. that could have been so ugly. a man and woman got a little too close for comfort on a birthday. they had a lucky escape after their car was crushed by a shipping container that fell off a truck. the woman was able to climb out of that car on her own and the man was pulled out after emergency workers moved some of the mangled metal. both survived with very minor injuries. i wonder if they'll go on a second date. >> that was a date to remember. >> by the way, the video looks great today. >> all for the season. maria molina is down on the street. maria, are the trees, are they in red lights or orange for halloween? >> no, they are red. >> okay. >> they're red and i know that they're red for christmas because that's typically the
4:36 am
color we use to decorate out here and we still have more decorations to come. can't wait. >> going to look awesome. >> 'tis the season. >> 'tis the season. now let's take a look at the weather conditions, especially across texas. that's where i really want to start because we're talking extreme weather ongoing. we have a number of flash flood warnings in effect. many areas picking up over eight inches of rain during the overnight hours. early this morning, there were even rescue efforts out here. so really just an incredible situation going on early this morning out here. we have a number of flash flood watches in effect and warnings because of how much rain we picked up in such a short amount of time. that rain is still coming down at this hour. you can see it on the radar across eastern portions of texas and it does stretch up into parts of chicago. so very widespread area dealing with the showers and storms. you're even looking at the possibility later this afternoon and this evening for severe weather. damaging winds, large hail, and isolated tornadoes all along the area shaded in yellow from louisiana up into ohio. that's something to keep an eye on, especially during the afternoon, evening hours. temperature wise, east of the
4:37 am
storm system, pretty warm. 70s and 80s. behind it, nice and chilly. minneapolis only in the 40s this afternoon. now let's head to brian. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. the day blake leaper was born attention doctors said he would never walk. but he didn't get that memo. by playing just a little bit harder than everybody else on his way to 2016 games in rio. he's here to tell us his incredible story. blake, congratulations. the medal you're rattling around, hard earned. >> my first two olympic medals, i took three silvers. we broke a world record on the relay team this year. >> so amazing. you didn't start running. you're 24 now? >> yeah. >> you didn't start running 'til you were 18? >> yeah. i ran into a challenge athletes foundation who gave me my first start and sponsored me for my first pair of running legs.
4:38 am
>> you say one of the keys was growing up, your parents said no excuses, no legs. you used to play basketball with your regular nonathletic legs. >> my father was coaching me, so i had to be the best kid on the team. they pushed me. never let me use my disability as an excuse. they always said, you're a normal kid. you're going to do as much as you can and that's where i truly think i can do anything. >> you want rio now. >> i've only been running for three years. i have a few records. i want to be the first american disabled athlete to compete. i want to qualify to show the world what you can do. >> how are your times compared to able bodies? >> it's there. i'm down to 48 high in the 400, 49 low. i really have to get to 46. it takes time. but i'll get there. >> you're training eight hours a at this now out in california. >> out in san diego at the training center. it's really great. training full time. really getting the best training in the world out there. >> everybody thinks about oscar pistorius.
4:39 am
we know about the problems he's having now and where he's probably going to end up. what has he done for guys like you? >> like i say, i'm praying for both sides of the family with that situation. the things he's done, he crossed over and the first disabled athlete to compete in the olympic games. >> what about you inspiring the soldiers who come back and who lose limbs in war and other kids wondering where they go from here? >> that's huge. that's what my message is, with the wounded warriors, the young child trying to do with a disability. i'm really, really trying to get out there. i just did an amazing deal with >> wait a minute. that's one way to get -- look at this. >> i'm the first disabled athlete to be on fathead. this is where it starts. the fact that fathead understands what i'm trying to do. it's going to inspire so many kids with the disability that they can go buy their fathead and have somebody to look up to. i'm the first, but i do not want to be the last. >> i don't think you will be because you're an inspiring guy
4:40 am
who has the best yet to come as an athlete. is it possible not to look cool with those glasses on? >> i don't know. >> do you think even i could look cool with them on? >> i think they made me look so cool. >> listen, it's great seeing you. it's great meeting you. check me out on my road to rio. >> blake, good job. we'll keep the fathead right here. >> yes. >> steve, tell me what's coming up next. >> all right. thank you very much. blake. have you ever had a nightmare neighbor, one who won't leave you alone or their dogs keep you up all night or they're blowing their leaves into your yard? tips how to handle that coming up. >> she's not just selling bed spreads and vegetables. martha stewart has a new gig. >> born on this day in 1967, this singer shares a first name with a flavor of ice cream. good job!
4:41 am
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4:45 am
so do you have a neighbor from hell who is terrorizing the neighborhood, kind of like this? >> here's johnny! >> hopefully not. but it can sure feel that way. how exactly are you to deal with a nightmare neighbor with the law on your side? fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. here. he's laughing. >> i love that. the truth is in this country, the second commandment tells us we love our neighbors and the red cross and volunteer ambulance corpse prove it other days. but if you have one of those neighbors from hell, sometimes neighbors really don't realize they're disruptive or they're breaking the laws. so you really have to do research to show that they're violating certain ordinances in your area or homeowners association bylaws.
4:46 am
look at the law first. >> and then you have some tips for us. we just saw try talking it out. you bring your concerns. >> i hate it when i get call from a friend or client and they're having issues about retaining walls or about surveys or about dogs or about people wanting to assault each other. find a mediator. it doesn't have to be an official mediator. it's cheaper than hiring a lawyer. get a neutral party, a friend of both of you, someone that lives on the block. maybe the homeowners association can provide one. then you can actually put together a formal contract or agreement to say, listen, we're going to keep these hours in terms of music, in terms of parties, in terms of giving notice. the problem is once you enter into that contract, it's a binding contract and so then it can be the basis of lawsuits. but it's better than getting into an assault charge. file a written complaint with the landlord. then if you have to, file what's called a private nuisance suit.
4:47 am
this is the last resort. i don't recommend this. >> why? >> because you're going to pay a lot of money for lawyers, create more anger between the parties. we're great neighbors in this country. we're good at talking to each other. if you have to go to court, then maybe go to small claims court to get a resolution. >> what about calling the police into it? some people do that to create a record. >> sometimes you have to call the police. if someone is breaking the law, if someone is disturbing your quiet enjoyment, if someone is engaging in hazardous or dangerous ways to you and your family, yes, call the police. but have a conversation. have a talk before. if you feel like you're in danger, yes, call the police. the thing is you're not alone on this. a lot of americans face this. a lot of great on-line forums, like neighbors from and others. you can see what other people have done to try and craft solutions. >> speaking of others and not being alone, you tweeted last night --
4:48 am
>> you're up too late. >> i was up last night. one person said, when a local college started buying property in the neighborhood and turn the house into next door into a frat house, talking about neighbors from hell. >> yeah. exactly. so obviously she wants to do something about that. helen said this: my neighbor would call the police when i mowed the lawn. >> the same thing, easements, surveys insanity. aaron tweets, had to call animal control because of dog barking all night. for weeks this was their response. let's look at the sign that they put up. talk about going to hell, go to hell, they basically said as a response. >> we've seen a ton of postings of people -- >> they leave notes and those provoke fights. those sometimes provoke assaults. those provoke disagreements between folks. when you go home at night after a long day working, whatever you're doing, or dealing with your family, you want quiet
4:49 am
enjoyment. you want to be able to get along and not be bothered. so try and talk it out. we're americans. we're pretty good at being great neighbors. we're probably the best in the world. but on halloween, when you have a neighbor from hell, listen to these tips. mediate rather than assault. >> peter johnson, jr., some sensible tips. i'm glad to be your neighbor today. >> always glad to be yours, thank you. >> coming up next, john stossel, mr. antigovernment, pro-privatization, who everyone knows hates obamacare, finds something inside the bill he actually likesment come on, john. he's walk not guilty and up next. first on this day in history 1987, "bad" by michael jackson was the number one song. ♪ heart healthy, huh?!
4:50 am
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well, the singer born on this date in 1967 with the first name of a flavor of ice cream, a loft you were right, vanilla ice was the man, len silverman is the winner. you'll get a copy of brian's new book "george washington's secret." the president says obamacare is more than just a web site that doesn't work. john stossel says he's right, but that doesn't mean it's a good thing. host of "stossel" joins us live. >> it's a good thing in that this complication, which no -- this at least makes people think about cost. but the web site is minor. they will fix that. central planning is the problem 'cause this just kills the market and the competition in the market, that makes things better. for example, president obama stood in front of a bunch of women in massachusetts and said, no longer will those evil insurance companies be able to
4:54 am
charge you women more. but when did you last go to the doctor? >> when did i go to the doctor? >> elisabeth will answer quickly. women go to the doctor much more often than men. maybe they're smarter or maybe they're hypocon degree yacks. who knows? but if it's insurance, you ought to be able to charge people who use the services more more. >> but john, you're not paying attention. this administration, this president wants to make everything fair. it's not fair if you pay less than she does. >> it's fair if you pay for what you use unless you're destitute. >> sure. and a number of republicans made the argument, why should i pay for -- i'm in my 60s. why should i pay for your maternity coverage? because we're not going to use it. >> women pay pour men's viagra. -- pay for men's viagra. this mandating takes away consumer choice. >> i understand you actually think that there is an upside to
4:55 am
obamacare. >> that fact that for the first time people are at least aware that gee, not everything is free. i wonder what this costs and more americans, because companies are dumping their plans, they're not attached to your employer, and more are going into these things called health savings accounts, which let's the customer make his own decision. some say to their doctor, hey, i'll pay you cash now. doctor says, no paperwork, no waiting two months? half the price. >> we thought we're making our own decisions now. there are millions of americans who are getting cancellation notices because they own what the president referred to as cut rate insurance policies by bad apple providers and stuff like that. now we're going to have to buy insurance that is up to the government standard, even though maybe we would rather just save money. >> we chose those policies and yet, the president said, you didn't choose well. i need to choose for you. >> if you look around the globe, if you look what they do in singapore, i understand they've got a system that is working and
4:56 am
costs less. >> it's not perfect issues but yes, it's better. we'll feature that tonight on my show that they let hospitals compete and if they have money left over, they can reinvest that. more consumers are in health savings accounts. so they control their spending. >> the topic at 9:00 o'clock tonight will be obamacare over on fox business. john stossel, thank you very much. don't get a hernia. >> mess with this. >> all right. thank you. all right. planning on wearing a mask this halloween? in one place it could get new trouble with the law. we'll break down the trick or treat rules around the country coming up. what? then even sponge bob isn't safe from corporate down sizing. why he's just been canned from the crusty crab. are you kidding? >> just do what you do in school. >> okay. >> back it up. huh? >> back it up.
4:57 am
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good morning. today is thursday, october 31. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. kathleen sebelius showing her frustration with whatever moment on capitol hill. >> it's great that you're a team player and you're taking responsibility. it is the president's ultimate responsibility. correct? >> you clearly -- whatever. >> whatever. we're going to take a closer look at that debate and the future of the healthcare law. >> meanwhile, they were allowed to tap google and yahoo legally, but it turns out the nsa still did it behind their backs. a brand-new bombshell on the growing nsa scandal. from last to first in one year, the red sox prove they are indeed boston very strong. >> it hasn't happened at fenway park for 95 years! the red sox are world champions! >> the red sox with the win.
5:01 am
the cardinals were great, but not good enough. we're live with the celebrations in boston because according to our rundown, "fox & friends" final hour on this day, which is thursday, starts now. >> this is morgan freeman. you're watching "fox & friends," man. >> you know, just like frank caliendo who did that vaseover, today is halloween. the one day a year we can dress up like other people. >> who will we be? >> we are -- the three of us are going to dress up -- >> they decided way early. they got us costumes and they've festooned the set in halloween stuff. who do you think we're going to be at the end of the show? also, if you have some pictures of your family, e-mail them to us at friends at >> how about this? a prize for anyone who decides to be us for halloween?
5:02 am
>> oh, wow. >> imagine that? get a friend and a girl, beautiful blond, and walk the streets? >> trick or treat! >> though show up behind us dressed like us. >> if you're dressed like us, send us a picture. >> the three people out there. >> trick or treat, yeah, i'm steve doocy. can i have some taffy? >> can i have some? what the heck does that mean? >> that's your line, steve. >> we love halloween costumes. >> tricking or treating, sebelius was challenged in the health care law that she's been tasked with overseeing. but does she even know what's in there? we're not sure. >> no, listen to this. >> if it's possible for you to forego your government program you have now, will you tell the american public that yes, i will go into the exchanges next year like everyone else? >> sir, the way the law is written -- >> it's a yes or no.
5:03 am
let's say you're wrong on that. yes or no? if you're wrong -- >> i don't want to give misinformation to the american public. >> you what? >> i don't want to give misinformation -- >> i want you to -- if you're wrong, will you go into the exchanges? if you can, will you? that's a yes or no. if you can, will you? >> i will take a look at it. i don't have any idea. >> that's not an answer. that's not a yes or no. >> she said she didn't want to misinform the people, but she did because clearly she doesn't understand the law that she is tasked with implementing. she's the architect of it because she can go ahead and get rid of the current insurance that she gets through the federal government. the only difference would be she would have to forego the $10,000 approximate subsidy she gets from the federal government, something the obama administration tacked on so there would be no brain drain. but she absolutely was wrong. she could sign up to obamacare and she does not -- that congressman who had that line of questioning simply showing the
5:04 am
double standard, why do we, people of america, have to be subjected to obamacare, where the people in charge of it don't? >> could she not have anticipated that question a little bit? she knew this wednesday was coming, right? certainly that's a question people have been asking publicly. americans want to know that and she didn't even go into the paperwork to research it prior to being questioned? that, to me, is mysterious. >> i'm curious to see how everyone used their time. i agree, chairman rogers used his time the best when he said i'm worried about security. everyone asked for their personal information. she really had no answers when it came to security. she had three or four days -- >> she had a pat answer. >> she had sunday, publicly when rogers brought it up on the sunday shows. then face-to-face, she still has no answers. we're working on that right now. how could you possibly, if enough questions about the program, as much as you might want the program, question the program, you have to say to yourself, am i giving away the keys to my life if i hop on this
5:05 am
site and register? thank goodness most of you can't get on in that case. let's pivot because while the president of the united states knew kathleen sebelius would be in the hot seat, he's desperate to change the dialogue and he went to a friendly audience in massachusetts and harkened back to mitt romney and romneycare saying, i know you like your plan. we just want to give it to the entire country. and he tackled this issue of his continuous utterance of, if you like your plan, you'll be able to keep your plan, as millions are finding out they're kicked off their plan, the president tries to explain. listen. >> if you had one of these substandard plans before the affordable care act became law, and you really liked that plan, you were able to keep it. that's what i said. when i was running for office. that was part of the promise we made. but ever since the law was passed, if insurers decided to
5:06 am
downgrade or cancel these substandard plans, what we said under the law is you've got to replace them with quality, comprehensive coverage 'cause that, too, was a central premise of the affordable care act from the very beginning. >> so by the way, you can keep the plans that you have and like, but -- there is a but in our health care right now? there is a but? >> a big but. >> all of a sudden it's now six weeks plus that we can't get on the web site, we're mandated to get on, oh, you can keep it, but what i failed to mention, the thousands of times i said it, is that i actually determined if those plans meet my standards. >> what they're doing, the white house is doing their best to spin themselves out of a ditch because to a lot of people, you look what the president has said hundreds, perhaps thousands of times, if you like it, you can keep it, to millions of people, it looks like he's been lying to us either to get it passed or to get elected president of the united states.
5:07 am
interestingly enough, easy for me to say on halloween -- according to the "wall street journal," they've got a new presidential approval rating out there. look at this. only 42% of the country approves of the job the president is doing. that is the lowest number in the history of the "wall street journal" poll. >> for president obama. >> exactly. and here is the thing, i think that number will get worse because suddenly we're hearing the stories of thousands of americans who have already been kicked off their health care and there is a story out there floating around, maybe you saw it yesterday -- that apparently the white house is intimidating insurance companies where they say, if you've got something bad to say about obamacare, don't say it on television because if you do, we're going to make you pay. >> that came from cnn. cnn is realizing there might be some issues with this program. cbo says between 2 and 20 million people will be knocked off their plan. that's the cbo. 7 minutes after the hour. heather nauert is going to tell us what else is happening.
5:08 am
>> good morning to you. hope we're off to a great day. thank you for joining us. we've got a bombshell now report. it is based on documents that were leaked by edward snowden and it accuses the nsa of secretly tapping into google and yahoo's internet server. remember that original prism scandal we told you about before that involved complicated court orders that allow the nsa to subpoena records from those companies. with this latestde named muscular could have obtained the same records behind google and yahoo's back so the companies wouldn't necessarily know about it. reports suggest more than 180 million records may have been compromised. the nsa has denied that claim. extreme weather alert to bring you. the forecast across the country is looking pretty scary this halloween. check out this brand-new video just in this morning. heavy rains and high winds forcing emergency crews to evacuate some residents from their homes in austin, texas. possible tornadoes are also forcing thousands of trick or
5:09 am
treaters in indiana, kentucky and ohio to put their quest for candy off until tomorrow. more on edward snowden. he gets a new job? he may be on the run for the u.s. government, but his lawyer now says the fugitive has just gotten a job working for a major russian web site. yep. the lawyer telling a russian news agency that snowden will start his new job tomorrow. he was granted asylum in russia in august after he leaked the nsa's secret playbook. he faces espionage charges in the united states. remember this, that hero afghan translator who was targeted by the taliban after he saved an american soldier's life? he is finally in the united states. he arrived at reagan national airport after a 36-hour trip out of afghanistan. he charged into enemy fire to help dakota myer rescue an
5:10 am
fighter. he was finally granted a visa last month and now he'll live in the united states with his wife and two children. and they say they're so grateful to have their kids go to american schools. they've been hiding in afghanistan for the past couple months. >> he just made it in under the deadline. >> that's right. >> heather is dressed in red. somebody else has red today. i wonder why. >> that's right. since 1918, the boston red sox have taken home the world series at home for the first time in almost 100 years. >> so you saw the elation for the first time they won in 100 years and then they won again a couple years later. compare this, elisabeth, for you personally, to the other two years. >> you know what's fantastic about this? boss continue had a rough year. since the marathon on patriot's day, certainly a city that suffered and the nation suffered with it. so to see their victory last night, i think everybody in the united states is cheering with them. it was a great series, great
5:11 am
game. this was a moment -- when you see the beards out this, we get beard through the entire series of the games and i think all boston fans are wicked happy. >> david ortiz gets the mvp. he hits almost .700 for the series. 11 for 16. last night they won 6-1. they did it in that iconic stadium where you feel the fans are on the field with you, right on top of you. and then it was out in the streets, steve, where we saw everybody remembering the marathon bombing. >> we did. in fact, right there at the finish line, there were fans out there as well and we got video from last night. boston strong, boston strong. they were kitting the finish line last -- kissing the finish line last night. the most bearded champions brought home the bacon. >> they'll be celebrating. >> the minor league time, the lumberjacks had that title for a while. they are the most bearded. will they shave?
5:12 am
>> that's the question of the day. >> they look totally different. as human beings, they look totally different. these beards are enormous! >> now the beards are their lucky beards. the year we had the beards, we won at fenway. >> look, everyone knows a baseball player has a little superstition in them, so they might keep them. >> what if your superstition is i'm not showering until i win the world series. >> you can shower now. >> will the beard grow back if they shave it? >> yes. by the way, congratulations to the st. louis cardinals. they had a fantastic time. up next, was her apology for the obamacare disaster from the heart? saying sorry by reading a written statement. who wrote that? will the american people buy that? pollster frank luntz who knows words up next. and plan on wearing a mask today? in some cities, you need a
5:13 am
permit to wear a mask. bob massi breaks down some of the most ridiculous halloween laws across the country. >> blue wig okay. just not masks [ male announcer ] progresso's so passionate about its new tomato florentine soup, it took a little time to get it just right. [ ding ] ♪ but finally, it happened. perfection. at progresso, we've got a passion for quality, because you've got a passion for taste.
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5:16 am
democrats, from president obama to kathleen sebelius making promises defending obamacare and vowing to fix the web site. but do their words work? let's see if our next guest gives them a passing grade. frank luntz joins us from boston today.
5:17 am
you had to have seen everybody cheering in the streets after that game. >> i actually saw people cheering in the stadium. i got to tell you, of all the games i've gone to see, that was one of the best. it was a good series. elisabeth, what's nice about this is it's the one thing that people are happy about after what's happened in boston that everyone, it doesn't matter whether you're republican or democrat, people are feeling great. everyone this morning is walking through the streets with their heads down because they're exhausted. but the game was great and fox did an outstanding job of sports coverage. good for you all. >> how fantastic that you were in there hearing the sounds of fenway and victory there. let's talk about some other sounds here. president obama promising that you can keep your healthcare. take a listen, frank, and let me know what you think. >> if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan. if you're one of the more than 250 million americans who
5:18 am
already have health insurance, you will keep your health insurance. if you had one of these substandard plans before the affordable care act became law, and you really liked that plan, you were able to keep it. that's what i said when i was running for office. that was part of the promise we made. >> a little bit of a change there. what do you think, is it working? >> it's the phrases, that was part of the promise. the worst thing about a politician is when they make promises and break them. the public believes that it's not just the web site and it's very dangerous if that's all you focus on. when someone gets that letter telling them the doctor they have used for 20 years is no longer available to them, the hospital closest to them, they can't use it, that's a nightmare. that's a crisis for the average american and you're seeing that in the polling numbers. you're seeing that in the way the american people responding. you can see it in barak obama in his speeches right now. he's afraid because this is the
5:19 am
core part of his presidency and the public is saying not just no, they're saying hell no. >> sure. certainly he needs to pay for this system there. what about sebelius saying she's sorry? listen to this, frank. >> you deserve better. i apologize. i'm accountable to you for fixing these problems. hold me accountable for the debauchle. i'm responsible. i told the president that we were ready to go. clearly i was wrong. >> so how sorry is she? does it work? does it resonate with the american people? >> i was shocked when i saw the video because she's reading it. you don't read an apology! imagine what happens when you say to your spouse, dear, i'm sorry. and you're actually reading it. >> exactly. >> the words were okay, but the delivery, there is no sincerity. there is no feeling from the heart. you don't read something. you show it. she didn't show it. >> good point. we have time for one more. republican, new ad mocking their web site problems.
5:20 am
take a look. >> you'll have to take my word for it. go on the web site, check it out for yourself. >> web sites have been experiencing technical glitches. please wait. >> just visit you'll find more choices, more competition. >> your gut reaction, frank? >> never say take my word for it. it's going to be a problem for his presidency for the next three years because the american people won't take their word for it. as you can see on those lines on the screen, neither republicans nor democrats trust him as much as they did 12 months ago. >> frank luntz, we appreciate you keeping on the pulse of americans out there. thanks. >> you're welcome. does your halloween costume have a mask? where could you get in trouble with the law just for wearing it? bob massi is here next with the ridiculous trick or treat laws you might be breaking all day today.
5:21 am
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5:25 am
>> every week you you are used to seeing him give you information about real estate. today he's in the halloween spirit. i watched the tease ten minutes ago. here to talk about spooky law when is it comes to trick or treating, bob massi, who has just shaved his head. >> i get all these letters and e-mails, everybody says cut your hair. i get -- brian, on the square, i swear for the last two years, a guy sends me $15 a month for a hair cut. i never cash the checks. every month i get $15. >> it looks good. you're a good looking bald man. >> i don't know about that. nasty. looks like some guys on the strip in vegas actually. >> what are you, bob, because you have a huge knot for a tie and a black outfit. >> i got all dressed up. i never wear a tie.
5:26 am
i got my robe. i shaved my hair, man. i'm good to go, baby. >> i feel honored. >> yeah. i guess the scalp is supposed to match the forehead. let me tell you some of the weird laws that are out there when it comes to trick or treating. for example, in walnut creek, california, you need a permit to wear a mask to go trick or treating? >> how about that? trick to the people and treat to the state of california. if you want to wear a mask for halloween, they pass an ordinance and you have to pay a fee for purposes of wearing a mask to go trick or treating. that's how much trouble the state economy of california is in. been on the books for ae, by the way. >> if you have a few knuckle heads who try to put them on and rob people, it kind of ruins it for everybody else. tell me about bellville, missouri, where kids -- there is an age limit to when you can dress up. >> one city councilman said if you're over a certain age, eighth grade, you're not
5:27 am
supposed to be able to dress up because halloween is for little kids. leaves me out of the picture obviously right now. but they actually passed that ordinance. you wonder why government is in trouble. these people have too much time on their hands locally and statewide and nationally obviously. >> right. >> these are on the books. these are still on the books. >> right. someone dressed as kanye west could get fined. it's illegal to dress like a priest in alabama. is that true? >> don't we love the state of alabama? absolutely true. you can't dress up as a clergyman. if you do, it's a violation. it's a fine. that's just the way that it works. these crazy laws are all over the place, but specifically for halloween, these laws have been on the books for years and they have never taken them off the books. >> if you see a bald man, don't worry, it's bob massi. he's just getting into the spirit. thanks so much for joining us. >> all right. take care. >> all right. coming up straight ahead. good job. is the state department
5:28 am
silencing the survivors of the benghazi terrorist attack? is that true? details on some brand-new evidence that says it is. plus they're not your average animals invading our studio right now. some of the creepiest critters in the country are here and no longer in seaworld. ♪ so i deserve a small business credit card with amazing rewards. with the spark cascard from capital one, i get 2% cash back on ery purchase, every day. i break my back around here. finally soone's recognizing me with unlimited rewards! meetings start at 11, cindy. [ male announcer get the spark business card from capital one. choose 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every d. what's in your wallet? i need your timesheets, larry!
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5:32 am
i asked you for your photos. elisabeth insisted on it. these are some of the people watching us, dressing up today. >> how funny. >> we've got loads and loads up. we're going to not only have them here on the channel, but also we'll put them on our facebook page as well. when i was a kid, i went as a robot like that. my dad made the costume out of tin foil. now he just has a hat. >> how adorable! we're dressing up too later, right? >> high ho halver! keep them coming. headline time. heather nauert. >> i love those kids with the horses. so sweet. got some headlines. fox news confirms the justice and the state department are blocking access to the witnesses of the benghazi terrorist
5:33 am
attack. in a letter to republican senator lindsey graham, they say that because of an f.b.i. investigation and a potential future criminal prosecution, there are, quote, significant risks and serious concerns about having survivors submit to congressional interviews. according to graham, that excuse, well, it doesn't pass the smell test. >> you can't hide behind a criminal investigation. that's not a good reason to deny the congress witness statements 48 hours after the attack. >> democrats believe making the witnesses available to congress could create inconsistencies and then complicate a potential trial. more on this throughout the day. a bus driver -- you've got to see this -- has been hail adhere row this morning after he stops a woman electric -- from dropping off a bridge in buffalo, new york. you see people walking right by her and doing absolutely nothing to help. but the bus driver stopped his bus. >> ma'am, are you okay?
5:34 am
>> when she didn't respond, he walked off the bus. he then talked her off the ledge. listen here. >> i wanted to convey that whatever it was, i'm going to -- we're going to help you through whatever it is. i'm a football guy. when you sit on the bench and the coach calls your number, you have to make a play and do what the play calls for and i think that's what i did. >> he certainly did. when he got back on the bus, the passengers gave him a round of applause. his co-workers call him big country, his nickname. now he'll be known for his big heart. what a man. even sponge bob square pants isn't safe from corporate down sizing. >> here is your pink slip. i'm giving you the ax! you're fired! >> okay. so here is the story. the harsh economic climate has hit the underwater community.
5:35 am
after 14 years of flipping crabby patties, sponge bob is fired from his job. mr. crabs gives hip the pink slip so he can save a nickel. but his lazy co-worker gets to keep his job because of seniority. instead of mooching off social services and bikini bottom, sponge bob sets out to return to the work force. that episode airs monday, november 7, 7:00 p.m. on nickelodeon. kind of mirrors real life, right? >> not really. it's a sponge. come on. >> got one more story now to bring you. there are a lot of reasons why monday is the most dreaded day of the week. here is another one to add to the list. there is a new study and finds that 46% of women feel ugliest on monday mornings. especially between the hours of 5 and 9 a.m. >> that's when we're on. >> that's when we're all tired from weekend fun or taking care of kids or all that stuff we do. when do women feel the prettiest? thursday. it's time to look forward to the weekend. those are your headlines for
5:36 am
this hour. >> i feel prettiest during happy hour. maria molina joins us from the streets of new york city with our foxcast for this halloween. >> with your foxcast, i actually have a demonstration because one of my science teachers did this to illustrate what dry ice is and the process this goes through 'cause it goes through something called sublimation, which is when ice goes from a substance to a gas. here is dry ice. everybody know what is it looks like. for halloween, you can drop it into a cup of hot water and then it will create that fog. it's a little breezy. so it's actually going towards the side over here. this is something you can do on halloween. if you're safe in a well ventilated area and with gloves, of course. now let's look at the weather conditions across the country because we do have some extreme weather to tell you about, especially across parts of texas where we have flash flood warnings in effect and watches stretching up through sections of missouri. we've had eight inches of rain in some of these areas.
5:37 am
again, very dangerous weather ongoing across that area. now we want to take a look at that storm system producing some areas of rain, from texas all the way up into the great lakes and later on this afternoon, we do have the risk for severe weather, damaging winds, large hail and tornadoes. let's head back inside. >> all right. thank you very much. some animals may look menacing, even scary perhaps. >> what are you talking about? >> look at the owl here. >> who, who? >> hootie. angie yanis is the animal ambassador -- >> she had the keys to the cage and took them out! >> oh, my. >> these are animals that people associate with halloween because of their spooky nature. but these are actually great animals. >> in what way? >> it is not great to have a pet owl. they eat all the small rodents out there in the environment. >> what if you like rodents. >> you are holding a rescued animal. that's one of over 23,000 animals that seaworld rescued
5:38 am
during the last nearly 50 years. >> what's this guy's name? >> chicklet. he hit a car in northern virginia and taken to a rehab place there. unfortunately, because of damage to his left eye, he was not able to be released. so now he's an ambassador for his species. >> it's a better job. >> yeah, it's a great job. >> consistent pay. >> they're not related, are they? >> n. this is a screech owl, full grown. this is one of the largest species of owls. just beautiful. >> where do they thrive? what part of the country? >> the screech owls are found pretty much widespread throughout the eastern part of the united states. there is the western screech owl. owls are in every continent except antarctica. >> there was a screech on the set earlier because you thought it was a fake tarantula but it was real. >> it is. we have some of those to show you right now. >> i didn't realize there were 900 species for varieties of tarantulas? >> yeah. >> let's meet a few. we have some over here. we have someone who wants to hold a tarantula.
5:39 am
>> i watched "the brady bunch," it could be scary. >> these are much more dangerous -- we are much more dangerous to tarantulas than they are to us. therethere are 900 species, mosm south america. they do have little hairs here on their abdomen that they can flick if they're feeling threatened. >> what if they were feeling threatened now? >> they would flick their hairs. ow, ow. >> i'm losing consciousness. >> what about a snake? i understand you've got a snake. >> we do. we have one more little one to show you real fast. it is super cute. this is roswell. he's a three band armadillo. there are 20 species of them. this one can roll completely into a ball. they're known as grave diggers: they're mammals.
5:40 am
they are the only ma'am mas that have this protective shell. >> does it get crowded in there? >> they can twist into a puzzle. >> that is really cool. >> they dig in grave site areas because they like the freshly dug up dirt for bugs. >> this next one -- >> we'll have to show that later on. >> you won't want to miss it. >> you'll be back in the after the show show. >> yes. >> angie, thank you very much. >> how much would this be? >> this one weighs 65 pounds, 12 feet. half grown. a threatened species. aren't they beautiful? >> they are. coming up in the hot seat, kathleen sebelius tells congress to hold her accountable for the obamacare rollout mess. but will they do it? congressman greg walden here next the day my doctor told me i had diabetes,
5:41 am
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we are back with a fox news business alert. the labor department just releasing brand-new weekly jobless numbers. 340,000 first-time unemployment claims were filed last week. that's 1,000 more than experts expected. steve? >> all right. thank you. the health and human services secretary, kathleen sebelius, took to the hill yesterday to defend the obamacare rollout, which has been a disaster. but while she was testifying, the web site still not working. oh, man. with reaction right now on the hearing is representative greg walden. he's a republican from oregon. good morning to you. >> good to be with you. >> note to the department, if you're going to be testifying about a bad web site, maybe it should be working. >> what do you think? if they can't enroll you, how are they going to take care of you? i think this is why americans are uneasy. they see the c concern. this should have been suspended. this should have been delayed. it was not ready for prime time. if they were going to force it on america, they should have at
5:45 am
least gotten the web site right. >> what did you think about her testimony? >> i was disappointed. to say they somehow tested this, mike rogers did a great job raising the issues of data security -- >> you had great questions about when it would be ready. >> they said they sent a letter to the government candlelight office in june saying all good to go. we got the tests, everything will roll well. yet in the prior hearing, we heard from the designers of the software that they were only given two weeks to do the end test to see if everything worked. i said, how long would you have wanted? they said months. that's the industry standard. months. >> absolutely. okay. you guys on the republican side, you've had a myriad of things you could hammer them with, why didn't the web site work? then the broken promise, the president, 100 times, 1,000 times said, if you like your healthcare, you can keep it. now we know that's not true. >> it's not true. it never was true. they knew it wasn't true and the president kept saying it and saying it. so that makes americans wonder, if that wasn't true that i could keep my health insurance, then
5:46 am
is it true that i can keep my doctor, that i can go to my local hospital? the answer will be oh, kind of yes. you may be able to see your doctor, just won't be in the network, there will be an extra cost. >> now the president has calibrated where, you know, if you're losing your healthcare, that was stink bomb health care from a cut rate insurance company -- >> no, no. if you made as little as a 5-dollar change in co-pay then the policy was no longer grandfathered. did anybody think a policy wouldn't change over the course of three years? i have constituentses who say may policy got canceled. $200 more a month now and 2,000 more for the deductible. how is that affordable? it's a broken promise. >> it sure looks like it. she was in front of the house yesterday. she's going to be back up in front of the senate next creek. congressman, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> all right. get ready on this halloween for a whole lot of cuteness. smile, kids! you're on tv.
5:47 am
our own "fox & friends" costume parade is coming up next. you won't want to miss that. hello, children. first let's check in with martha mccallum who dressed her kids before she came to work. >> sure did. >> stay classy. >> veronica corningstone. steve, thank you very much. so there is word this morning that some commandos may have actually made it to the scene of the benghazi attack. we're going to tell what you that is about this morning. marsha blackburn grilled kathleen sebelius yesterday. so what happens now, is the question? a solar company goes belly up and leaves a toxic mess behind. bill and i join you with that and all the halloween fun at the top of the hour how are things with the new guy? all we do is go out to dinner.
5:48 am
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we are not back out on dressing up for halloween around here. what do you think of our new look? we started in duck dynasty. >> we're not the only ones in the halloween spirit. joining us to emcee our annual halloween costume parade, les stern, founder of divalicious moms. >> good morning. happy halloween. >> let's bring in the kids who have no say in their costume first. too small to know what they're dressed like. >> hi, honey. we have this little pumpkin. captain america. and baby yoda. >> yoda? >> their first and second halloween. >> yoda is excited about that. >> look at captain america waving! >> then we have some walkers. the toddlers.
5:52 am
>> here wildfire our toddlers! lion and tiger! >> these are twins, i believe. >> look how cute they are! >> this is jack and james. they're about two. we have willie. >> everyone loves a dinosaur for halloween! >> hi, guys. >> we have older kids coming in. >> we certainly do. we have ironman! captain america! superman! and a pirate for halloween! >> you guys been work out? look at those muscles! >> ironman! whoa! captain america! superman! these are handsome super heros. what would halloween be like if we didn't have our disney princesses?
5:53 am
come on out! hi, guys! happy halloween! >> who has the best costume here? >> we do. >> we all do. let's all raise our hands. >> you need candy to go with halloween. happy halloween. >> we love all these costumes and these candieses. we wish everybody a safe and happy halloween. from party city and disney store. >> thank you, everybody. >> happy halloween. >> she's usually cute. >> as elisabeth hands out the candy to the kids, coming up after a brief timeout, somebody -- you all know is going to critique our duck dynasty special costumes. >> the most famous men in america. no offense [ male announcer ] this is claira.
5:54 am
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5:57 am
that's right. this is the duck dynasty edition of al wean. >> -- of halloween. >> or zz top getting back together. >> or the boston red sox! >> we don't know how good our costumes are, but we know one guy fit to judge us. >> we do. we just woke him up. joining us from west monroe, louisiana, willie robertson, the duck commander! good morning to you. >> happy halloween. >> hey! >> what do you think? >> what's going on? you'll never believe this, i look just like y'all right now. >> how do you live like this? i'm so itchy! >> would it have killed you to put on a little camouflage? it looks like y'all went all out. >> we got this from your store. >> we actually woke up with the
5:58 am
beards. >> that is a positive. but you look identical. we look so much different. there is so many distinctive features in our beard. >> i think you're cuter. am i right? >> willie, as you look at the five of us, i mean, some of us are cuter than others when it comes to the fake beard, don't you think? >> yeah, there is definitely some of you cuter than others. i will have to say. >> brian looks -- >> do you put on the bandanna first or the beard first? what do you do? >> well, my beard, come on. it's the main attraction. i do tie the bandanna on backward so i don't get it caught up iny hair and then turn it around. >> what does it feel like -- you used to be out there hunting with your family and now everyone is dressing like you. even people like us. >> lot of willies on halloween. >> we're in a world of bliss with beards. we've got the boston red sox, zz
5:59 am
top. beards are coming back after 100 years, they're coming back. >> let me ask you this, who are you guys going as, either you and cory, your wife or the kids? >> i think i'm going to wear one of the most popular costumes this year. i'll just go as myself. >> good choice. and the lines are shorter. >> that's nice when you can go as yourself. >> you had a great season. you feel good about it? >> oh, yeah. feeling really good. got the christmas album out. christmas, santa claus, more beards have taken over the world. >> who gives out better candy? >> huh? >> who gives the best treats? >> that would be miss kay for sure, yeah. she's making pies, giving them to kids. >> fantastic. willie, thank you very much for joining us. kids over there in the studio
6:00 am
and the dogs as well, we got parker and olive and snickers, thank you very much for joining us. >> all right, kids. go crazy! the show is almost over! four seconds! go nuts! >> happy halloween! bill: i thought they were boston red sox players. this scarier. fox news another stunning revelation on the obamacare rollout. pressuring on insurance companies threatening to keep quiet about hundred of thousands health care plans that have been canceled, perhaps millions to go. good morning i'm bill hemmer on this halloween morning. >> that sounds creepier. i'm martha maccallum. president obama changed his tune on one of his most memorable promise. you remember this, when he said if you like your health plan you ca


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